Every event planner has there own unique process that they use when planning an event for a client. My team and I have come up with a way to break down the event planning process that works for us. We have decided to all of the task and processes and put them into phases. We now use a 3 phase process when planning all events.

Phase 1: Consultation-  This phase is where we gather all the necessary information from the client eg. date, time, location (city), venue, number of people, theme etc. After the initial consultation and the client has agreed to hire B Michele Events we then prepare the contract and  move into phase 2 by completing an event planning checklist. This check list covers every component of the event and we are able to assign each task to one of our event coordinators. This helps ensure that we execute the plan and keeps everyone accountable. The check list is a very vital part to our process.

Phase 2: Coordination- This phase is where we contact all of our vendors that we would use and began arranging meetings and  tastings for the client if necessary. All floor plans and seating charts would be created in this phase. On full service plan we coordinate all aspects of the event such as; Decorations, Rentals, Music & Entertainment, Photography, Catering, Transportation, Speaker, Lodging, Meeting and Print Materials.

Phase 3: Execute- This phase is where we impliment the plan. All the vendors, important people and travel has been confirmed at least a week prior to the day of. The checklist that was created in Phase 1 would be used as a guide to ensuring all components of the event are taking care of eg. table decorations, sound, light, vendors,  etc.  All our client has to do is sit back and allow us to execute and create a memorable event for them.

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